Odense Amyloidosis Center, Odense University Hospital

Amyloidosis is a common term for diseases where abnormal accumulation of protein in tissue and organs occurs. The term, amyloidosis signifies that the accumulated protein creates an amorphous, homogenous substance, called amyloid, which can be demonstrated using specific “Congo red” stain. The accumulation occurs extra- cellularly, i.e. between and around the cells.

Several different types of protein can cause accumulation and formation of amyloid. These will typically be proteins with abnormal make-up and structure, which increase the risk for causing accumulation. The amount of the accumulated amyloid as well as involved tissue and organs determine the symptomology and prognosis.

Sub-classification of amyloidosis is done according to the type of amyloid protein, and exact characteristic of the involved protein is absolutely essential for specific diagnosis and treatment. The underlying ilnesses range from hereditary illnesses, via chronic inflammatory illnesses to clonal hematological neoplasms. Treatment is primarily targeted where it is possible to treat the triggering factor. There are on-going clinical trials of medication that targets the amyloid and that potentially can lead to a resolution hereof.

The prognosis has generally improved for amyloidosis, particularly for the most common type, Amyloid Light Chain (AL) Amyloidosis, which is a plasma cell neoplasm where the clonal plasma cells synthesize misfolded kappa and lambda light chains.

About the center:

Odense Amyloidosis Center is a cross-disciplinary cooperation between a number of clinical departments at Odense University Hospital. The center is established according to international standards . Firmly anchored cross-disciplinary co-operation on diagnostics and treatment are essential when working with this serious and complex illness.

For research purposes there is cooperation with research environments at the University of Southern Denmark as well as Danish and international research groups.

The Department of Hematology hosts the center, which is headed up by professor, Niels Abildgaard.